06 July 2020

Data? We Don't Need No Stinkin Data!

The title says it all. Here's yet another example of why and how it costs 'Billions of dollars' to develop drugs in the USofA. While not guaranteed, it's a pretty sure bet that all the money spent so far and in the future will be rolled into the sum total of drug R&D used to calculate the $$$/approved drug billions of dollars number.

Once again, a drug company's compound fails in PII, yet the company asserts that there's some sliver of good news to justify further trials. Throwing everybody else's good money after bad.
The Phase 2 RELIEF trial of BLU-5937 did not achieve statistical significance for the primary endpoint of reduction in placebo-adjusted cough frequency at any dose tested.

I have to admit, a drug for (I guess) idiopathic persistent cough seems very niche to start with. And, of course, the company is going to hang its hat on a niche of that niche
A clinically meaningful and highly statistically significant placebo-adjusted reduction in cough frequency was achieved in a pre-specified sub-group of high cough count patients (all patients at or above the baseline median average of 32.4 coughs per hour).

It's a Canadian company, although listed in the USofA, so I suppose it's no skin off our noses. But still....

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