07 July 2020

High Priced Spread

You have heard about the letter to WHO, demanding that its recommendations include the finding that aerosols are a factor in spread of Covid-19? Yet, this missive has caused controversy. How come?

From the beginning, including in these missives, the smartest guys in the room argued that such rapid spread of Covid-19 had to include non-symptomatics (both asymps and pre-symps). To not include such folks is to assert, by definition, that most folks are stupid enough to gather around other folks who are openly coughing and sneezing and such. In the Red States, may be, but not Northern Cities where folks have at least 100 IQs, for sure.

You just can't get such a surge in infection as happened in the NYC Metro in the Spring, and in the Red State cities now only with coughs and sneezes. Does anyone really, really think that the infections coming from bar flies is from coughers and sneezers? Really? Further, this fact should have been obvious in the Spring when clusters appeared in prisons and meat plants. These were outbreaks not tethered to Big Eastern Cities; I still believe that the importation was Spring Break Covidiots and such. In any case, once the first case was found, spread was immediate. Kind of like a bomb going off.

So, yeah infection through aerosols has to be the major vector of infection. As Dr. McElhone used to say, "it is intuitively obvious to even the most casual observer."

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