21 July 2020

Pyrrhic Loser [update]

Well, well. The martial law steamroller has fired up. ex-President AuH2O 2020 has invaded Portland with his Stasi, and asserts that he will do the same to most/all of the other Liberal Democratic cities (utterly unaware that such a description is at least a double redundancy: Democrats are liberal, vis-a-vis proto-dictators anyway, and cities are by definition Democratic no matter what the balance of elected persons is in the state. Here's a map of the 2016 election by precinct by party (I'll admit, it's one bit of reporting I don't recall finding before; it's a gem and not just because it clearly delineates my view of long standing - BlueCity/RedShitkicker divide). As is plain: even in Red States, the cities are Blue.
To a large extent, the map above is a map of where America's cities are, which, of course, is a map of where most Americans live.

Piss off those city folks with this shit, and you'll all but guarantee that they'll overwhelm the shitkicker voters in all the remaining empty counties.

ex-President AuH2O 2020 is what Tillerson said, "A fucking moron." Let's hope he doesn't smarten up before November. He shot himself in the right foot with the notion of injecting Lysol. How's about shooting off the left one?

I have always asserted that cities are Blue and the hustings are Red. From that, one might well infer, that cities all have Democratic mayors. And that would be cool. Turns out, almost. As you can see, of the 50 largest cities, only 13 are run by a Republican and all but one are well below the million meat bag count. And all 13 are in very Red country. Don't let San Diego (the largest Republican city) fool you; this is deep Red California, which through sheer stupidity, squandered the bullet ducking of the mitigation from the Spring. Freedom to infect and kill others is the bestest freedom of all.

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