07 July 2020

Death of an Island - part the fourth

Additional information through the 'Block Island Times'. Note, in particular, this
Our plan is to reopen before the end of the month but we have not yet determined an exact date.

This is one eatery out of a few dozen, going to be closed for 1/3 of the usual season. Given the revised schedule on the Island, closer to 1/2.

And, of course, some of the day hoppers are just Southern
We are all exposed to visitors on a daily basis — some of whom are not abiding by Centers for Disease Control, Rhode Island, and town guidelines.

How many restaurants and lodgings will fall for a month or longer? How soon will Mainlanders just stop getting on the boats just because too many of their fellow day hoppers are idiots?

One of the Island timeshares opened two months later than normal. It followed the RI and town requirements. The hotels, on the whole, followed suit.

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