24 July 2020

Dr. Demento

Well, once again ex-President AuH2O 2020 is lying. After all, this is a day ending in -y, so I suppose that's predictable.

No doubt, you've seen him expound on his 'extra point' performance on his 'cognitive test'? As I mentioned, he's lying. Being of a certain age, I was required to submit to such a couple of years ago. Thus, I don't recall all of the details, but I do know that
'person, woman, man, camera, TV'
isn't a proper set of nouns for that test. Again, the words I was given I don't recall, but what is clear in memory was that there was no correlation/relation between any of the words. Given a set of words that structurally hang together defeats the purpose of the exercise.

At the time I took the geezer test, I had no idea what it was; I'd never heard of it/one before, so I hadn't worked out a way to cheat it. Which is foolish on the face of it, since the benefit of 'failing' is getting treatment for a real ailment. One might get better, you see.

Yes, there are multiple parts, some questions and the infamous clock exercise. Even current geezers may not have seen an analog clock in years, let alone the situation in a decade or two?

Anyway, if any of dear readers expect to undergo this torture, here are two ways to cheat the word/memory segment
1 - acronym the words, so for example for: pig, screwdriver, tree, banana, acid one might just remember: PSTBA or if you don't care about the extra point(s), PABST. And, no, I didn't reverse engineer that before I chose the words.

2 - put them in a sentence: A PIG on ACID climbed a TREE to get a BANANA which he peeled with a SCREWDRIVER. You'll pass the test with flying colors, and avoid therapy for another year, or many years, until you can't even remember acronyms or sentences, much less construct same from random words.

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