08 July 2020

Games People Play

It's been enlightening to hear what the reporter class has found in Mary Trump's screed. What is clear is that ex-President AuH2O 2020 really is, in Tillerson's phrasing, a fucking moron and a malignant narcissist in the bargain. He and DeVos have entered into a suicide pact.

He insists that all schools return to usual classroom state this fall (which starts, annoyingly, in August in some states). What might be the result?

1 - It is not likely that the ongoing tsunami of Covid infection/hospitalization/death that runs from North Carolina to California will abate by Labor Day, for instance.

2 - If ex-President AuH2O 2020 follows through, legally or not, to rescind funding from states that don't open fully, we might well see Red-ish states saying, 'fuck it, let's go!!'.

3 - What's having all those Typhoid Marys running around middle age and older adults in classrooms and cafeterias and buses going to do? Well, some of said adults will get sick. Some will end up in hospital. And some will die.

4 - Now, teachers and administrators ain't dumb Mesicans cutting up meat in Iowa, but ex-President AuH2O 2020 is desperate to become Dear Leader for Life, so why not announce that all school workers are 'essential workers' just like the Mesican meat cutters? (You remember them? Haven't heard much about them for the last few months, now have we?) You don't want to spend your days in the midst of all those Typhoid Marys? Too bad. "You're fired!! And no unemployment!"

5 - What will all those suburban soccer moms do when Covid decimates Joey's and Jill's schools by early October? It will, we know now, take only a few weeks to kill off the older adults in the schools. We know now that some of those juveniles will get sick enough to die, and will die. That's been happening from the beginning.

So, if ex-President AuH2O 2020 and DeVos go their own way, even the Red States will rebel. Don't mess with our kids.

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