22 July 2020

Parallax View - part the fifteenth dot five

Another mid-week's up, so here are today's numbers:
  >= 1,000 - 514
100 to 999 - 1,296 

Grand total of counties reads at 3,157. Oh joy. Not much territory left to invade; most of it is in the empty spaces in Utah and Montana.

Updated the counts from episode 15, but that's not what motivated this extra edition. One can now journey from northern Maine to the West Coast (any part of California, from San Francisco to the Mexican border) passing through counties with at least 25 active cases. This is a Southern route, of course, turning inland around the Mid Atlantic states. Actually, you have your choice between a southwesterly route from around southern Virginia bee line to Texas, or veer south-southeast into the Carolinas thence due West into Texas.

What's of somewhat more interest, in the (near?) future, should events stay on their current track, one will be able to make a journey through counties with at least 100 active cases. And, naturally, it's worth recalling that in many of the southern counties you'll pass through, that's a notable slice of the population. Don't breathe during this leg. Even now, if one views coast-to-coast literally (rather than the typical NYC to LA meaning; cf. The Cannonball Baker), then you almost could get from North Carolina to California, needing only a smidgeon of road in west Texas and a bit more in western New Mexico. I'll wager that by the time the next full episode comes around, it'll be doable, and without the zigs and zags the journey now requires, just a grand arc from the potato fields to Malibu.

The South has risen again.

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