22 July 2020

Death of an Island - part the fifth

Contrary to popular opinion, New England isn't exclusively Left Wing Snowflakes. Just read up this report.
The chief also felt the island was seeing so many young people due to what he called "stimulus package money" — unemployed young people who were provided an additional $600 in their unemployment benefits during the lockdown.

Now, without all those day hoppers, the Island dries up and blows away. The McMansion folks bring pretty everything with them, and might pick up fresh (well, nearly so) veggies and such at the Grocery. And might have a dinner or two at one of the Island's higher end eating establishments. But they don't buy hats and mugs and whatnot in the stores in Old Harbor. They just don't.

Does anyone really think that the Island would be better off without the dayhoppers?

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