13 July 2020

Eek!! A Mouse

On Saturday, TCM ran "The Mouse That Roared" (right after "Dr. Strangelove..."!). A mini Peter Sellers-thon. A story in today's 'Royal Gazette' reminds one of that flick. This teeny duchy declares war on the USofA, intending to lose, and get Marshall Plan Bongo Bucks in the aftermath. Can't say that I've ever watched it, in any case. Peter Sellers, modulo "Dr. Strangelove...", is not an actor to whom I cleave.

Bermuda, in the persons of a couple who came to Massachusetts for unspecified medical treatment, send a shot across the bow:
"...Bermuda is in a wonderfully unique position in that if you want a Covid test, it's an easy thing to do."

Mrs Masters added: "That is not the case in the US, that is not the case in states where they are having a problem and you cannot just arbitrarily up and decide, I'm going to have a Covid test."

She was speaking after David Burt, the Premier, signalled last week that the rule that returning Bermudians, unlike visitors, do not require a pre-travel test might have to be changed if the coronavirus crisis worsened in the US.

Howitzer, stage right
Mrs Masters said: "We're not going any place and when we do go out, when it's sort of a necessity, I will tell you that we are continuously shocked at the number of people that are not wearing masks, that are not socially distancing and we completely understand why Georgia and some of these states are having the problems that they're having."

"I am Bermuda, hear me roar!"

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