29 June 2020

Parallax View - part the twelfth [update]

Another week's up, so here are today's numbers:
>= 1,000 - 347
100 to 999 - 1K (that's right, only room for 3 digits!)

Grand total of counties creeps up to 3,012. Oh joy. Not much territory left to invade.

Here's a bit from the third installment in this series:
And, his sphincter lickers in the Red States are inviting massive new infections by ending stay-at-home. Oh, yeah, they're going to have 'reduced' capacity orders. Yeah, I won't fart in your face.

Worked out just fine.

And, naturally (as predicted in these missives) once the Red States in God's Country faced the epidemic, which ex-President AuH2O 2020 and his enablers said wouldn't happen in God's Country of Real Americans, they would bleat for support. Starting about now.
U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, made clear Wednesday afternoon that he also opposes the federal withdrawal, saying that "now is not the time to retreat from our vigilance in testing."

Cornyn, you may know, is an extreme Right Wingnut. But not now, of course. His ox is being gored. Poor baby! Do what McConnell says, file for bankruptcy.

Now that CDC says that infections are as many as 10 times as been reported, why is it that ex-President AuH2O 2020 hasn't used that 'fact' to pronounce Covid under control? Deaths and infections from multiple sources calculate out to 5% death rate, way cool more than seasonal flu. Using this new number for infections brings it down to .5%, closer to in line with seasonal flu at .15%.

The most irritating event was hearing DeSantis cavil about the young people not being socially responsible. This is the same DeSantis that allowed the self-same young people to frolic on the beaches during Spring Break, who then went off to infect most of the USofA east of the Mississippi. Thanks Ron.

Another toggling exercise, using 29 June data/map. If you, once again, toggle 'Fastest Growing Counties' with the groups individually, you'll find (at least my eyes did, anyway) that you don't find overlap until the 100 to 999 (aka, 1K); upstate New York, the Carolinas, Gulf coast, Oklahoma, and Texas. The rest are in the >=1,000 group. That is not just some "embers", no matter what the Administration says.

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