16 June 2020

Death of an Island - part the second

What happens when an Island of fewer that 1,000 persons, which depends on about 20,000 visitors a day spending freely on touristy thingees like restaurant dining (mostly day-trippers) for the summer season, doesn't get anywhere near that volume of traffic? And what if the problem is that those visitors bring a pathogen which is capable of killing off, at least, most of the adult population? The Island news brings more pressure on the Island's viability. The state's governor just admonished those very day-trippers to take care with the Island residents; and themselves, but they're not likely to care about that anyway.
If you are seated next to someone, please keep your mask on. I know it's awkward, but it is something you need to do... We have to do better — do a little better. We don't want an outbreak on Block Island. They have very limited health care.

Will the volume of visitors peter off either because Islanders get sick from the visitors, and the Island has to close to some degree, if only because the staffs of the many tourist shops are sick. Or because self-centered day-trippers simply won't tolerate being told to mask-up indoors, and thus won't come over?

Tulsa city authorities are on record that The Very Unstable Lunatic's rally isn't such a good idea, given that infections are spiking in the city. The Very Unstable Lunatic doesn't give a shit. He wants his Hitler-esque 'Nuremberg Rallies'; smirking bathing in adulation. The Very Unstable Lunatic demands a Covid waiver from his sheep going to the rally, but what about Tulsans? What about the cities and towns to which the sheep return? Did all of those folks agree to be exposed to Covid? Fascism at its finest.

Here we have in macrocosm the larger problem faced by the USofA, and, of course, the entire planet. Covid recognizes no boundaries; water, city, state, or country. It goes wherever the humans go. The stupidity of the Southern Red States will spread the virus back into the Blue States which have taken the steps to mitigate the disease. Just as the Florida Spring Break Covidiots did to the eastern USofA. It should come as no surprise that Texas and Florida are leading the pack of Covid deniers, in league with The Very Unstable Lunatic, who is totally denying the existence of Covid.

The Very Unstable Lunatic's ploy that Covid is the state's individual responsibility is just his passive-aggressive avoidance of responsibility. The one who claimed that battling Covid made him a "war president" against this viral "invader"; but not including taking any useful national action, of course. Doing so spends money he'd rather hand out as tax cuts to his wealthy clique. This will not end well for Block Island or the USofA, even if voters dump The Very Unstable Lunatic in November; the major second wave will be well under way.

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