26 June 2020

Dumb Jocks - part the second

While ex-President AuH2O 2020 fiddles, the rest of us burn. Perhaps he'll read up on what's happening to college football, the first sport to resume. Here's some of the news. If there ever were a case study in how geometric progression works, this is it.
Then, by June 12, the final group of 24 arrivals — largely freshmen — was tested. But just a week later, Kansas State shut down its workouts until at least mid-July after two positive cases in that final group morphed into four and then eight before leaping to 14, as nearly half the team needed to be checked again.

And, to no one's surprise, Red State bastions of organized collisions refuse to report:
There have been confirmed positive tests at 23 of the 130 F.B.S. schools, but some public schools — including Ohio State, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina — have refused to release testing data of their athletes, claiming that federal laws prohibiting the release of students' personal information allow them to not release aggregated data.

Which, of course, is bullshit. And, of course, there's this bit of ex-President AuH2O 2020-ian deviousness:
Some schools have tried to insulate themselves from liability by requiring athletes returning to campuses for workouts to sign waivers acknowledging the risk of being infected — or in the case of at least one school, Southern Methodist, releasing it from any liability. (Kansas State did not have a waiver, but provided its protocols to players and their parents and asked for feedback.)

"Do you want fries and a MAGA hat with that?"

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