06 June 2020

Are You Smarter Than a Canadian?

Another piece you have to read. Smarts always work out better than dumb. And Canadians are so nice, eh?
While Ontario and Quebec, the two most populous provinces, are still grappling with hundreds of new cases every day, British Columbia has now reopened schools, restaurants and hair salons. This week, the province of five million reported fewer than 80 new cases.

"By all rights, British Columbia should have been clobbered," said Colin Furness, an outspoken infection control epidemiologist in Toronto. The province is on the coast, above Washington State, he noted, with a large population that travels back and forth to China, where the outbreak began.

"They took decisive action, did it early without hesitation and communicated effectively," Mr. Furness added. "People listened to her."

You nip it in the bud, and things turn out a bit better. The Very Unstable Lunatic won't spend a dime unless it's for his direct benefit; passive aggressive is his M.O.

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