15 June 2020

Parallax View - part the ninth

Another week's up, so here are today's numbers:
25 to 99 - 810
 5 to 24 - 663
      <5 - 323

As in the past few weeks, the smaller sized counties continue to climb the totem pole; they ain't goin away and they ain't many empty ones to add, so they have to go up. The 1,000+ count is up to 276, from 254 just last week. And, which is more ominous, the 100 to 999 group is up to 907 from 852. The three group total is 1,993, while the grand total goes up just a tad to 2,979, leaving just a smidgen to the county total. Covid will be behind us by Memorial Day. Mikey said so.

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