04 March 2013

Seven Percent Solution

Nicholas Meyer wrote a Sherlock Holmes book, which became a movie. The point of the story was that Holmes was addicted to cocaine (a 7% solution), and sought out Freud to be cured. He was, and returned to playing his violin as amusement. Violin Memory, SSD maker FOTM, has been making bits of noise now and again for the last few years. They're, may be, going the IPO route; stories have been appearing for some months. Today brings yet another story, this time that Violin and Toshiba, their NAND supplier, are preparing to take on EMC/Fusion-io in a cage match.
"The old approach of disk storages has a zone of waste; you have to pay for much more capacity than you really need to get the performance you want," Basile said. "Our systems reduce that zone of waste."

Now, that could mean Violin is aiming to educate clients in the Normal Forms, and thus smaller data footprints. A quick search came up with this older piece, that kinda, sorta alludes to that.
At the heart of DataQuick's business lies a series of SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 databases composed of aggregated, standardized, and normalized public real estate information from across every region of the United States.

Normalization is your best friend.

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