20 March 2013

No SQL Left Behind

One of the blessed ironies of the Bush II reign was "No Child Left Behind". This was clearly an attempt to punish and de-fund inner city (read: minority) schools. But the purpose, if actually carried out, would have been detrimental to the Right Wing agenda. Enter, the true zealots who condemn the teaching of critical thinking in schools (and here, very juicy).

So, what's all that got to do with SQL? Well, it's the motivation. The NCLB folks don't want the kiddies to actually think, but to repeat fables (i.e., The Bible and Shit Dad Says) by rote, and obediently. SQL, not so much as the RM (but you've read that story here a few times), is a math based approach to data and its control. NoSql, on the other hand, is bowing devotion to the "skills" of kiddie koders who are sure they can type their way out of any corner.

This all comes to mind, again, because even some SQL folks, who should know better, are talking about "integrating" NoSql into RDBMS. Oracle DB2 SQL Server (not MS) PostgreSQL

I guess we'll be genuflecting to Chamberlin any day now.

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