09 March 2013

Me Talk Gooder [update]

Professor Henry Higgins, through many trials and tribulations, eventually taught Eliza Doolittle how to speak the King's English. Through sheer luck, I've found a professor willing to take on (to what full extent, I don't yet know) the NoSql crowd. And his second installment.
While I'll be the first to admit that I use colorful language and metaphors, my perspectives typically come straight out of Distributed Systems 101. Half the reason why I started this blog is that there is a big discrepancy between what people who have studied distributed systems know, and what is being said in the marketing materials of various vendors.

Boy howdy. The NoSql folks just want to talk their own Pig Latin dialect.

Oh well. Upon further investigation, the professor asserts that he (and minions) have made a better NoSql datastore.

[update, 1]
Have none of these folks read, at least, Gray & Reuter (really, Weikum & Vossen)? Too mathy, I suppose. The Dark Ages, redux.

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