24 September 2014

Where Did I Leave My Keys??

Quants aren't just used by the Masters of the Universe to crash everybody else's immediate vicinity (Hank Greenberg's attempt to get his AIG punishment overturned is about to go to trial; chutzpah of the highest water). They're also the backbone, so to speak, of clinical trials of the Next Magic Bullet drug/device/therapy. FDA swears by p-value.

Adam Feuerstein is something of an enfant terrible to retail plungers in penny stocks; forever calling "bullshit" on their next 10 bagger. But, to his credit, he sometimes gazes at larger companies when they're working on interesting compounds. Today he's got an ADHD company (that's the stock symbol, too) to talk about. What I find interesting is the large impact that placebo makes in the study. One has to wonder what's being measured?

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