24 September 2014

Welcome Back Gumby [update]

Some time back, I predicted that the flip phone would rise, Phoenix like, from the mire of smartphone muck. These 5+ inch behemoths just won't work very well. Some curved screens have appeared, but now we get word that the 6/6+ are spontaneously bending. I told you so. There are certain female tennis players who'd turn a 6+ into a crescent moon if stuffed long enough in a pair of Spanx. So to speak.

Now you know why they didn't use sapphire for that screen!!

I can't find that any of the usual suspects which tear apart these devices have specified what type of aluminum is used. As the Wiki shows, there are a raft of hardened and alloyed aluminums. It seems that "case hardening" isn't used with aluminum alloy although the effect is much the same, but "through hardening" is. Me thinks Jony and Tim got it a bit wrong.

[another update]

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