30 September 2014

I Want It All Done Now!! Do You Hear Me?!

Codd is reputed to have said, in some manner of words, that the RM means a query (whether read or write) is "done all at once". This makes sense, given that the RM is built on set theory and expressible as a linear algebra problem. Just as the regression equation can be written in matrix notation (atomic operations on multiple values), so one can view RM operations. We all know, of course, that real computers are sequential processors most of the time most places. Until now, again. HP has gone and done it.

Here, and here. One says Informix is an option, while the other says it's part of the ship. Informix has been into parallel for some time. Lots o gerbils spinning in those cages can do a lot of work in toto. No, not in Kansas. See Chapter 12, here.

Dr. Codd was right, after all. He he.

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