17 October 2012

Lefty Loosy, Righty Tighty [picture fixed]

It's not often that I send regular reader off to some other post, but this is the exception. I'm going to explore the data referenced, just as I hope you will. There's more to quant than predicting the next 10 bagger.

For what it's worth is.R() is new to R-bloggers and already my preferred reference. You could do worse than spend time there. But don't leave Here, of course.

Just a note for Ubuntu users: you'll need to symlink gfortran-X.X to gfortran, if Hmisc isn't already installed (it requires fortran, of course and Hmisc will error out complaining it can't find the compiler). The build scripts I've run across don't look for these Ubuntu's (Debians?) versioned compilers. Also, and I haven't worked out the fix, on my 10.04/2.15.0 machine, the party legend doesn't fill, and the two legends are flipped. We'll see. Since the version in the post doesn't expand, it's really hard to read.


dsparks said...

Here is a link to a slightly bigger version of the image: http://pbs.twimg.com/media/A5bKFpOCAAAitDO.png:large

Unfortunately, I don't have any experience in Ubuntu, so I can't figure out why you're getting the results you are -- I do think that the party legends look unfilled because there is a variable alpha. This can be overridden with override.aes = list(alpha = 1), as seen in this Gist: https://gist.github.com/3709443

Robert Young said...

That fixed it. I wonder whether this is connected to .9.2.1 of ggplot2, which got lots of changes. Hadn't seen this happen before. Thanks.