05 October 2012

Let's Have a Party!!

It qualifies as something of an open secret that lots of financial service (even actuarial) analysis is done in Excel. The revelation appears as snide comments in texts with some regularity.

ggplot2 has become (to my mind, anyway) the de facto graphing package in R. Recently, Hadley released an updated version, with themes getting the most attention. Today, David Smith (of Revolution Computing, and an Aussie, if memory serves) posted some comments on themes (referencing theme work done by Jeffrey Arnold), including this beaut:
or if you're an R user on the down-low, with that "classic ugly look and feel" of Microsoft Excel. (A better idea would be to just come out!)
More often than not, Americans use the phrase (in TV dramas quite noticeably) way, way out of context. One might wonder what they call Excel in Gay Paree?

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