10 October 2012

I'm Melting!

Well, it really did happen, OCZ has crashed and burned. Time to muse on the effect, if any, on the thesis of this endeavor, that SSD on multi-processor/core/thread machines will take over the world. And that high NF databases will be the data store of choice.

Hmm. OCZ was never, despite its assertions, a player in the Enterprise Space, so there shouldn't be any direct effect. STEC slumped this morning pre-market when OCZ did its face plant, but has recovered. STEC does have its own CEO problem, of course, but does have a track record of producing Enterprise Space SSD that OEMs and end buyers really want. Fusion-io keeps on truckin'. The niche/private Enterprise Space continues on. The Enterprise Flash Appliance Space looks to be going well, at least according to Forbes reportage.

The loss, if it comes to that, of OCZ will most likely be felt in the Postgres/MySql world of SMB/web startups. These entities are largely populated by pimply faced boys who've never heard of Dr. Codd, or those that have, dismiss him.

In the months leading up to Peterson's "leaving" (and it's now reported that he's on the dole of OCZ for rather a while), OCZ touted its imminent release of "the first TLC" SSD. Didn't happen. Samsung's 840 (not the 840 Pro) is about to deliver, and has been tested, a bit, by AnandTech. The consumer SSD market is, it has always seemed to me, coelescing with the Big Boys, those that can survive and thrive in a race to the bottom. But then, I did predict that a while back. The boutique houses, that only assemble Other People's Parts, will either have to provide unique capabilities (STEC has it's own controller, so it doesn't count, either) or die. Darwin was right.

[Yes, if you read this earlier, the title is changed. I'd allocated that to a piece not yet completed. Too busy.]

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