05 September 2014

Do You Believe in Magic?

As mentioned a few times, I've gotten on the SolidFire mailing list, which means a blurb every few months. Today's touts the Gartner report on All Flash Arrays Magic Quadrant designation. Gartner gets paid a bunch to bloviate, which is nice work, if you can get it.

Turns out that Hitachi didn't get a mention in the report, so The Register gets itself a story. There's a link at the top to a screen grab of the quadrant, but the main story is how Gartner chooses to slice-n-dice storage.

Also of interest: Nimble, with a market cap today of $1.92 doesn't get a mention, either. They do hybrid drives, so I suppose not letting them in makes some sense, but hybrids may well end up being the winners. We'll see.

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