09 June 2021

Thought For The Day - 9 June 2021

First, it's Lake Mead drying up, now FDA has gone rogue, or thoroughly corrupt, by approving an Alzheimers 'drug' that doesn't work. I wonder how well the Sun Belt is going to work out: no water and millions of geezers hooked up to $56,000/year IVs? Oh, that's right, the Blue State taxpayers will bail these 'growth states' out. "We must build a pipeline from New England lakes and reservoirs to the parched Southwest!! They must have water!!" As usual. FDR should have told the Old South to go to hell. (The following is prominent in my dead-trees copy from today, but not in the on-line version. No explanation.)
This is what really keeps me up at night: A therapy of this cost is going to have enormous implications for everyone. And by everyone, I literally mean you, too. There's going to be some 60- and 70-year olds in your plan. If they start getting this treatment, you will see your premiums will go up.
-- Dr. Joseph Ross, Yale
America will never be a socialist country.
-- wannaBePresident Huey Long 2024/2019

Well, OK. Then only demented geezers (nearly the entirety of the Trump Party rural base) who have a spare $56K/year sitting around can get it. Not to mention that $30K in ancillary costs.

The only meaningful difference between European/Canadian style socialism and the sub-rosa American version is that here in the USofA, corps like Biogen rake in billions from the masses. Yeah, I guess that's proof that a country runs better with a few stupidly rich folks, and the rest scratching for an existence. Ya think? Did I mention that, thanks to some purloined tax returns, we now know that the top 25 richest paid little to nothing in taxes? For what benefit to the society and economy? One might wonder?

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