13 June 2021

By The Numbers - part the twelfth

wannaBePresident Huey Long 2024 continues on his Grievance Tour of Red America, continuing to claim that, somehow, the Snowflakes stole the election from him. There remains the critical problem, which the Snowflake News neglects to mention (and they should each and every time they report on the Tour), that it was only ex-President AuH2O 2020 who lost by 7,000,000 votes. If the Snowflakes had figured out how to rig the vote, it would be completely stupid to only steal from Dear Leader Yo! Semite of Thigh Land, when it's even more important, in my humble opinion, for the Snowflakes to gain full control, 60 seats, of the Senate. Not only did the wily Snowflakes not get that, and only got 50 by getting out the voters in the GA Special, they lost seats in the House.

It seems odd that the Snowflakes would use their magnificent machine in such a clumsy way. But, of course, the Crazys don't think. Much.

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