28 March 2020

Deadly Future [update]

The Orange Shitgibbon is trying to punish the NYC MSA. He would. It's as blue as it gets. According to reports, it's driven by DeSantis claiming that those New Yorkers are bringing Covid-19 to poor Floridians. Bullshit. DeSantis refused to stop the Spring Break petri dish. Too much money at stake.

Here's today's prediction. Mardi Gras was 25 February, and the Covid-19 explosion in Louisiana happened about 3 weeks later. However long it was, it's there now, and what matters for predictive purposes is; are there any other mass petri dish events with a known related timeline? Of course there is: Spring Break on the Florida beaches.

Spring Break week was about 4 weeks after Mardi Gras (third week of March). If you look at the animation from Tectonix, you need to pay attention to the last few seconds. There you'll see the dispersal of those 'Covidiots' pretty much everywhere east of the Mississippi. The Covidiots explosion will be 4 weeks after the Mardi Gras one. So, in another couple of weeks, every city of any size in that huge area will explode.

And remember, the Tectonix data is only for a single beach at Fort Lauderdale. Rutroo.

Have a nice day.

Before the Florida beaches, there was a ski town in Austria.
There is some precedent for resort communities being slow to wake up to epidemics. The Austrian village of Ischgl, an Alpine ski destination and party hotspot, was slow to close down its establishments even as other nations issued travel warnings of potential coronavirus exposure. Thousands of revelers returning from vacations in Ischgl spread infections across much of Scandinavia. On Tuesday, Norway said 40 percent of its then-1,400 infections were traced to Ischgl.

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