12 February 2019

The Asymptote of Progress - part the twelfth

Now for the latest episode. Gilead (GILD) just experienced another trial failure, and there's been great gnashing of teeth and other forms of flagellation. Here. And here.

Here's the j'accuse:
$GILD spent $20B on R&D over the past 5yrs, and pretty much every pipeline project outside HIV/HCV has failed...

[For what it's worth, Gilead bought the HCV drugs and the HIV were a bit of both discovery and buying in. And most of the rest] were pure buy in.

The problem with slam dunking the easy 80% is that you convince yourself that you're "like, really smart" and a "very stable genius".

There's a reason that PhARMA has been going the orphan drug route for the last decade or so.

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