28 February 2019

Carbon Midwife

For a long, long time these endeavors have complained that the Amazon Way cannot be sustained. The complaint boils down to a simple sentence. It's cheaper to ship by the tonne than by the each. There's a reason national stores exist: they ship from producers by the railcar load and ship to their distribution centers the same way. From there, semi-truck loads deliver to stores. Shipping by the each in 747s doesn't work. The main reason Amazon has rarely shown a profit.

Well, boy howdy, today brings news that Jeff finally concedes to the obvious.
Starting Tuesday, all Prime members in the United States will be able to select a particular day to receive a week's worth of Amazon deliveries. After a Prime member enrolls in the "Amazon Day" service, Amazon will hold everything they order throughout the week, and it will deliver the items together on the customer's selected day.

Well, d'uh.

We'll see if Amazon can sustain if its method becomes indistinguishable from Sears circa 1900. What do you think?

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