27 June 2018

Don't Let the Big Chunks Get Stuck

Over the years there have been commercial zero gravity rides. Whether NASA or otherwise, the name vomit comet applies. I imagine it's quite unsettling. Tender readers will recall the numerous times these missives have pointed out the coming rate inversion (that missive nearly two years ago) will have dire consequences. At one point, I offered up that when it happens it will snap your head off. Blow big chunks. Or something like that.

At long last, the mainstream sees fit to write about it. Took ya long enough, boy.

The Money Quote:
If enough investors begin to grow concerned about a recession, they will most likely put more and more money into the safety of long-term government bonds. That buying binge would likely help flatten, or invert, the yield curve.

Then people will write articles about the curve's sending a stronger signal on recession. And that could, in turn, drive even more people to buy into long-term bonds. Rinse. Repeat.

The fact remains, that American capitalists long ago ran out of new ideas how to spend all those trillions of Uncle Sugar Bucks. Risk aversion is just the polite way of saying they're greedy idiots. They've pissed away the additional trillion they got from Orange Julius Caesar on share buybacks, M&A, and dividends. None of which improve productivity, wages, or employment. Fact is, historically, M&A in particular has been a job destruction exercise. MAWA!!

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