30 March 2018

The Left Behind [update]

The Orange Julius Caesar zealots have a world of grievances, primary among them that the coastal Blue States get all the breaks while they live in backwoods poverty. The reason, which they steadfastly refuse to admit, is that they have, from the beginning of the USofA, voted for fascist governments in their states. Which governments certainly treat education as a burden on the taxpayers. Since such states have radical upward income distributions, the rich get their own private schools while the rest get the crumbs.

Well, another Red state is beginning to understand that teachers are an enemy of the state. So to speak.
Shoring up the pension system has been a priority of [Republican governor Matt] Bevin's since taking office in 2015. But his efforts have met with difficulties. Thousands of teachers and public workers marched recently at the Capitol, and lawmakers balked under the pressure. Frustrated, Bevin called opponents of his plan "selfish" and "willfully ill-informed." His comments earned rebukes from Republican legislative leaders and galvanized the opposition.

As is usual with rightwing bait and switch, Kentucky didn't bother to put money into the pension fund along the way, too much taxpayer money of course, so now it has an actuarial shortfall of $41 billion. Or so. Keep 'em stupid and breeding.

Well, it turns out that most folks (although I'll guess that 'most' skews from Blue areas) understand that teaching is a short-changed occupation.
but Democrats (77 percent) and independents (69 percent) are more likely to say this than Republicans (54 percent).

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