22 March 2018

Here Come Da Judge

More gaga news.
In addition to the new dual-rank 64 GB RDIMM module, Samsung is set to develop quad-ranked 128 GB RDIMMs and octal-ranked 256 GB LRDIMMs. Today's servers running AMD's EPYC or Intel's Xeon Scalable M-suffixed processors feature 12 or 16 memory slots - if the processors were capable of fitting all 256 GB modules, this could lead up to 4 TB per socket. This should be a massive advantage for applications like in-memory databases, virtual desktop infrastructure, and so on.
[my bold]

Such a machine, though costing a bit more than a generic white-box, could handle 99.44% of R use case data sets without the onerous cost of SAS/SPSS. I suspect such a machine could pay for itself in software license cost avoidance in a year or two?

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