06 December 2017

New VT-220

Gentle reader has seen here the epithet, New Gold, referring to the US Buck and its effect on all things data. Well, all things in the end. Long ago, in the first essays here, gentle reader was offered the notion that Organic Normal Form™ databases and high bandwidth innterTubes connectivity mean a return to the thrilling days of yesteryear: the central host with all the data and logic over a wire to a (semi?) dumb terminal (VT-220 as example). The real question is whether networks/servers/engines can, in fact, support thousands+ of persistent connections. If so, then just call me Marty McFly. OLTP, modulo Amazon, why yes. Yes, of course.

So, today's news of Always Connected PC battle may mean just that. And I couldn't be happier. The revenge of RDBMS and 5th NF.

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