25 March 2017

Thought For The Day - 25 March 2017

OK, so I have to make some thoughtful thoughts on the collapse of AHCA. Just one: Kim Jong-Don and the Tea Baggers finally figured out that neither was the round hole for their square peg. The Tea Baggers saw Kim Jong-Don as easily maneuvered from his "Populist" rhetoric to their outright fascism, while Kim Jong-Don figured that the Tea Baggers would actually swallow whatever not-leftwing projects he tried.

Watching the "negotiations" from the original RyanCare to its final RandCare form, made it crystal clear that the Tea Baggers would accept nothing less than complete capitulation. Kim Jong-Don kept up the "terrific" drumbeat, even as basic services were excised. Ryan is no lefty softy, but he also knows that even toothless shit kickers figured out they'd been had. 17% accepted the final version. 6% strongly accepted. "better, cheaper, everybody" turned into, "get sick, die sucker!!"

Campaigning for the 2018 mid-terms starts this fall. Blowing your brains out with a 12 gauge just in time is not the smartest way to ensure the permanent Right Wing Government.

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