10 March 2017

Thought For The Day - 10 March 2017

The venerable James B. Stewart tells us about the proto-Trumps today.

What Mr. Stewart and his interviewees ignore: running a democratic government has a diametrically opposite purpose from running a corporation. For the corporate CEO, the goal is to transfer wealth from the many (customers, workers, suppliers) to the few (management, shareholders). Democratic governance, on the other hand, is about equitably governing the whole populace. For some definition of equity, of course.
"I feel many of these chief executives are responding to a public longing for a strongman, or woman, a strong leader," Mr. Gergen said. "There's a sense that's why Trump got elected. You're seeing the same thing in Europe, in Asia, in a long list of countries. People are dissatisfied with standard politicians. Military types and business people with a strong track record offer an attractive alternative."

This is a rather precise example of cognitive dissonance. The "standard politicians" have been in the pockets of the 1% and serving their interests. In other words, behaving like CEOs. Putting a "real CEO" in charge will lead to a better life for the average Joe Sixpack? Defend your answer. Show your work.

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