04 June 2015

Lemmings By The Dozen

All of the various topics of these endeavors flow from a single theme: what actions lead to the greatest good over the long term. Such a theme irritates the micro and quant crowd, since both view the world narrowly to their particular organization over, at most, a calendar quarter. It's a dog eat dog world, right now!! God damn you liberals!!!

Oh well.

One of my fave topics is that the advert driven innterTubes is not sustainable. We saw how it has killed off paper-based journalism. The twits are eagerly killing off any form of expression longer than 140 characters; which no amount of ritalin will fix. Now comes a person of importance getting a national soapbox to say so. Me First!!! Oh well.
Internet ads are basically worthless unless they are hyper-targeted based on tracking and extensive profiling of users.

Remember Target??!!?? Highly targeted, fur shur.

Do most lemmings know they're being spied on? I guess not. Or they don't care. The world of Robo Cop creeps ever nearer. Except, there won't be one to execute the venal CxOs.
Mr. Zuckerberg has reportedly spent more than $30 million to buy the homes around his in Palo Alto, Calif., and more than $100 million for a secluded parcel of land in Hawaii. He knows privacy is worth paying for. So he should let us pay a few dollars to protect ours.

There's an old saying, from whence I know not (nor does the innterTubes): We are too soon old, and too late smart.

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