28 June 2015

Horses and Barn Doors

Bolting the barn door after the horses have fled is a frequent American silliness. I found the latest when I went to find out about renewing my driving license. Turns out, there's now "verified" license for which one needs a boatload of documentation to get. What's the point, I asked curiously?

Well, beginning in 2017 an American won't be able to board a *domestic* flight without such an ID or valid passport. "You vill schow me you paypahs!!!!" Now, if the threat were, mostly, foreigners, then proving one's citizenship status might make some sense. Of course, the threat has always been, mostly, home grown, either Right Wingnuts (save for the Vietnam resistance era) or various religious citizen nutballs. Which we've just witnessed.

Recent data demonstrate, yet again. Politicians and corporations and ... continue to spout "data driven decision making" and such, but always revert to type: blind zealotry.

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