14 March 2014

Why Girl!! You're Stunning(ly Obvious)!!

Some of the things that come up are so stunningly obvious that I've never considered them worth typing about. But then, I'm an RM zealot. And a firm believer in the closer the better. When I was studying karate (from a Greek guy who included ancient Greek philosophy in the black belt's curriculum; OK, I guess you had to be there...), Tae Kwon Do was rather popular. I also studied Tai Chi with the Miller brothers. Don was teaching us Tai Chi push hands (that's not his site, but you should read it nevertheless) and someone made mention of Tae Kwon Do and all that kicking. Don's reply was, in essence, get inside his guns (which is to say, kicking distance) and beat the crap out of him.

Too often, coders act like Tae Kwon Do knuckleheads, flailing away with their feet at great (in martial terms) distance. Don't do that. Get close, and beat his brains in.

So, today brings (courtesy Artima) this post which, once again, takes such folks to task. It's SQL Server centric, but any reasonable RDBMS will serve. Don't forget CTE.

The sad fact remains that, modulo a bit of syntax, today's kiddie koders design applications just like grand pappies did back in the 70's: COBOL on the client to rule VSAM files on the server. Such foolishness.

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