18 March 2014

Normal Is So Overrated

R-bloggers had this post linked (the title block is worth the visit). Hmmm... F# talking to R? And F# talks to SQL Server?

So, that got me to the F# post, which in turn gets one to the R Type Provider.

As mentioned a few times, it would be a Good Thing if SQL Server offered the equivalent of PL/R. I'm 100% Ubuntu these days, so it wouldn't help me directly, but a, somewhat inelegant, way to get there would be connect to both R and SQL Server in a F# session/program? I didn't find a C# equivalent (the R Provider appears to be F# specific).

Following some links landed me here (the original author), and the question was asked:
This is great. Can you use the RProvider from C#?

[ Don says - no, C# doesn't support type providers ]

Too bad.

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