31 October 2009

Dahling, You Have to Read This

Shooting fish in a barrel, and criticizing xml, are congruent. The difference is that shooting fish is a one step process, while dealing with the zits of xml is a life long ordeal. Thus, I've only made a few random comments. The effort to build a new coherent jeremiad simply didn't feel worth the effort.

Then I ran across this. While I think he gives xml too much credit, in that "documents" intended to be consumed into my beloved BCNF database really don't need the structure (metadata information). A csv file will do. Pascal has written about that years ago. He was right then, and he's still right.

What I find mind boggling is this quote:

It's pretty popular these days to kick XML, all the cool kids are doing it and they don't seem to discriminate between its 'good' purposes and 'bad' uses.

I guess I'm not lucky enough to live in his world, 'cause where I've been, xml-ness is still au courant. XML Spy, ACORD, and the like remain in control. I need a new life!!

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