06 March 2017

Thought For The Day - 6 March 2017

The mainstream pundit class seems non-plussed by Kim Jong-Don's tweet storm about his being wiretapped during the "sacred" election. By the way, if it were so "sacred" he shouldn't have colluded with Putin to bend the result. But I digress.

Mentioned, or alluded to, here in the past is the fundamental difference between Kim Jong-Don and any other pol in memory: he's spent his adulthood living the life of mini-dictator. His "business" is, structurally, exactly like the candy store that was on the street I walked twice a day (back then, grade schoolers were sent home for lunch; really) as a child. He has no shareholders. He has no BoD. He's The Decider. So, in that upbringing, if *he* wanted to wiretapp an enemy, he'd just snap his little fingers and it would be done. Now that he's the Dictator of the USoA, he just assumes that such is the way things are done. If Congress, right wing as its ever been, rolls over for him, he will be Dictator. Roberts sure isn't going to spike is tires.

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