12 October 2009

Not A Cloud Was in The Sky

I've been saying all along that The Cloud is a Crock. Well, here's the latest in the saga. You should go and read the story; I won't cut-n-paste it here. I will gloat, however. Imagine what's going to happen when the BigMegaCorp leaves its data in the hands of MicroSoft? Same thing.

Well, maybe one quote:

Microsoft said in an emailed statement that the recovery process has been "incredibly complex" because it suffered a confluence of errors from a server failure that hurt its main and backup databases supporting Sidekick users.

Going to The Cloud is a dereliction of duty, pure and simple. Losing one's phone numbers is one small step for ineptitude, but it should not be one great fall of mankind. Your data is yours. Do not give it away to gain a penny here or a penny there.

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