12 October 2009

Can Somebody Please Make Up His Mind?

A double dip day.

This has gotten out of hand. First, I read that the Sun/Oracle FlashFire gizmo is a superDuper SSD. And I pass that on, with my Value Added commentary and glee. Then Larry says, "No" it isn't. It's just a bunch of NAND as cache. And I fess up to an error and slink back to my lair.

So, today The Register runs a story with the details... wait for it. FlashFire is a superDuper something like an SSD; although not called that exactly. But it is populated with STEC parts. My head is spinning, lights flash, getting sooooo dark.

Whatever. The salient fact is that SSD and databases are taking over the world, just as I've been predicting. I want to be First Chancellor of Normal Form. No database can leave the crib without a proper bris; all extraneous fluff removed.

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