01 July 2018

I Still Hate Neil Irwin - part the eleventh

This time, just go read the piece. As Crooked Hillary said, her votes came from the counties that produces 65% of GDP. In other words, well fed, well educated, healthy folks do better. As pointed out here many times, the pool of white grievance is the result of unfed, uneducated, unhealthy fish belly folks voting in governments which grind them under the boot heel. And, of course, they blame Democrats. Low information voting at its finest.

Just go read the piece. I will note that Virginia, led by the DC suburbs, is throwing off the burden of Dixie. West Virginia, not so much.
Individual proposals aside, experts haven't formed a consensus on how to make economically moribund places feel more like economically dynamic ones. But it is clearer than ever that this divergence explains much of what ails the United States' economy, and just maybe its politics, too.

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