07 June 2017

Minority Report

Much pundit bloviating, especially from the Left, over the last few weeks has centered on three subjects: the incompetence of Donald J. Quisling's governance, the lack of legislative accomplishment, and approval in the 30 percents. The conclusion? Donald J. Quisling isn't getting anything done. If you're any kind of quant or macro policy analyst (other than the au courant tsunami of customer manipulation applications), you would be quite wrong to feel complacent. Donald J. Quisling is doing some very bad things for both groups. The executive power of the president is nearly limitless; the executive order regime is only the most public enforcement. The reports of curtailing civil rights process in the agencies is one sub-rosa implementation. Dictatorship is so much easier than governing.

The whole point is that having a 30-ish percent approval is what Donald J. Quisling actually wants: the whole point of his position is not to govern the population, but to bilk the 99% to his benefit. And his other billionaire buddies.

So far as pure quants go, government data is disappearing, and when (not if) the economy goes in the crapper, BLS and Commerce and Census will be ordered to stop collecting and publishing data; just as already happened at EPA. The point, of course, is that dictators don't want real data out in the open to contradict them. The point of dictatorship is that
Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it. I have seen firsthand how the system is rigged against our citizens

We can add to RINO and DINO, PINO where the 'P' stands for Populist. Donald J. Quisling has never been about supporting the lower classes, only pandering to them with God, Guns, and Abortion propaganda. He convinced 77,000 empty county shit kickers and was installed. He's all about implementing Leona's mantra:
We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes

Moreover, research going back to, at least, FDR has found that net Federal moolah flow is from Urban Blue states to Empty Red states. If you see that the "infrastructure" plan is mostly giving money and tax breaks to developers, and in Red state counties, rather than government led and managed projects affecting the largest populations, will you be convinced? How about bridges to nowhere?. Expect roads and bridges in the middle of North Dakota: from nowhere to nowhere. All the while taking from the 99% and giving to the 1%.

Will the shit kickers in the Empty States ever figure out they're cannon fodder for an autocrat? Don't bet on it.

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