26 May 2017

I Wish I Had a Photographic Memory

The attentive reader notes that the quote preamble to these endeavors has changed structure some over the years. These days, the top few are (semi-)permanent, while the middle change every now and again as part of the housecleaning, while the last turns over on Sunday (if I remember!).

Among the permanent is the quote from Ernst Haas, which he spoke while leading a workshop I attended in Maine. The they, as noted, was Magnum Photo. According to the Wiki article, no one was asked to leave, which is the legend I've known, but a rather large number are listed as "Withdrawn". I suspect that's resignation in front of firing. For example, Charles Harbutt's Wiki page says:
He left the group in 1981, citing its increasingly commercial ambitions and the desire to pursue more personal work.

In any case, Haas continued a level of association. My recollection, not in the Wiki article, was that Haas was one of the first members who was not a founder. Which brings us to today. The NYT has an article on the new version of the International Center for Photography in NYC. Alas, Haas isn't mentioned in the article, but I'll offer up Part The Second after I see the show. Anyone within a hundred miles of NYC really ought to go.

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