24 January 2017

If It Walks Like a Duck

One might suppose that there remain a few knuckleheads out there who still think that The Donald is on the side of the 99%. Well, the last couple of days he's generated enough Kim Jong-Don ink to show those with functioning brains, may be not.

Those evil (now 5 million) illegals all voted for Hill:
Richman [co-author of one debunked report on illegals voting] also said that in order for that to be the case, it would "require a truly massive increase in non-citizen voting and Trump lost by far too much for it to be accounted for by non-citizen participation."

Even Paul Ryan has called bullshit on this
House Speaker Paul Ryan said Tuesday that he has seen "no evidence" to back up President Trump's claim that 3 to 5 million illegal ballots cost him the popular vote.

Of course, he's well aware of delegitimizing a President, since he pushed that on Obama for six years. The problem is that his attack was fictitious (and he knew it), while his legitimacy exists only if one holds one's nose. Tightly. Paranoid schizo personality, in spades.

So, now he's going after the facts.

Interior gets attacked for telling the truth about the inauguration crowd.
The Interior Department was ordered Friday to shut down its official Twitter accounts -- indefinitely -- after a National Park Service employee shared two tweets that noted President Donald Trump's relatively small inaugural crowds compared to the numbers former president Barack Obama drew in 2009.

EPA gets muzzled for telling the truth
The executive director for the advocacy group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, Jeff Ruch, said the orders go beyond what has occurred in prior presidential transitions.

"We're watching the dark cloud of Mordor extend over federal service," Ruch said Tuesday, referring to the evil kingdom in the epic fantasy, The Lord of the Rings.

While Thoma is considered a lunatic lefty by the Redneck crowd, he's called it with this piece
He might even try to underfund or actually eliminate agencies that report things that suggest his administration isn't the best economic machine to ever come to Washington.

Once a dictator, always a dictator.

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