03 September 2016

Thought For The Day - 3 September 2016

Recently, I saw a comment on one of the many message boards that said, more or less, that the profit motive is the key to innovation.

Bullshit on that. Smart people will do smart things, if so allowed, irregardless. It's what they do; just like the scorpion, the frog, and the river. Paying stupid people more money doesn't make them any smarter. Or capable of doing smart things.

Money can't buy you brains. Not to put inside your skull, at least.

1 comment:

Roboprog said...

Nothing really to add, just that I enjoyed the quip.

Of course, I left private industry a while back (most recently a mutual fund company) to go work for Uni of Cal doing work on things for Cal Dept of Public Health and to a lesser extent NIH/CDC.

For most normal people, "more money" eventually reaches a point of diminishing returns, aside from rich psychopaths and poor folks sweating it out for minimum wage peanuts.