11 February 2016

Tears of A Clown

"He who laughs last didn't get it"
-- unknown wag (although Bierce or Mencken, could be)

Forbes is finally chuckling. For years it's been obvious, and frequently lamented here, that shipping by the tonne by rail is at least an order of magnitude cheaper than by the each by air. Amazon can eat the cost difference for so long. So, stock the B&M stores with the high volume movers, whether books or inflatable girl dolls or diapers brought in by low cost transport, leaving the low volume stuff in some of the fulfillment centres, and charging real transport cost. Where else is the buyer going to get a left handed nostril cleaner? Hmm?
We believe that by opening physical stores, Amazon might be looking to provide a more personal shopping experience to its consumers, reduce shipping costs by providing a store pick up facility and integrate the online and offline shopping

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