08 January 2016

Eye of the Beholder

Now, this is really cool. Two aspects of this tech that impresses at first blush (I've just now found and read it).
1) it relies on optical tech that's been know for centuries, total internal reflection.
In 1604, the German scientist Johannes Kepler suggested that the intensity of light from a point source varied inversely with the square of the distance from the source, that light can be propagated over infinite distance, and that the speed of propagation of light is finite. He also described the phenomenon of human vision thereby explaining long and shortsightedness. In 1610, he presented an explanation of the principles involved in the convergent and divergent lens of microscopes and telescopes. He also discovered total internal reflection, but was not able to explain it. In 1621, Willebrord Snell discovered the relationship between the angle of incidence and angle of refraction when light passes from one transparent medium to another.
2) it is implemented by those socialist, backward Europeans: Zeiss of Germany. touche`

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